Friday, March 16, 2012

Get to know Bonny Bridal

We had a little Friday Funday Giveaway pop up on the blog today! We asked brides to answer a few simple questions about Bonny Bridal and now we wanted to share the answers with every one...and give a little bit more detail:

1. If your local Bonny retail salon doesn't have the dress you want in their store - how can you see the dress, try it on and fall in love with it - in person??
The Borrow a Bonny program! What is the Borrow a Bonny program? It's a unique way that we open up our ENTIRE inventory to our retail partners...and our brides! If we have it in stock, you can see it in person - BEFORE you buy! This is a great program (and it's been around for over 12 years!). Our retail partners can not carry every single gown we make (it would be nice but, simply not realistic). Each season we make "sample" sets of all our gowns. They are used in our catalog photo shoots, trunk shows at your local retail stores, etc. Our sample sizes are usually a size 6 or 8 and in our plus sizes 16w. Since every one doesn't fit our sample size, if there is a dress you really want to see and we have it in stock in your size and color choice we send it out to the store! You can buy the dress right then and there the (rare) chance you don't like the gown, your local Bonny retailer can return it to us. Our most common question about this program is: Is there a fee? The answer is: Yes. Each store can determine how much they charge but, we do charge our stores a fee and our stores do have to pay shipping back and forth for the gowns to be sent to them. We do encourage our stores to credit you the fee or the shipping charges if you decide to buy the gown but, it's optional. We also encourage stores to provide the bride a store credit, should she decide not to purchase the gown. There are A LOT of items you are going to need for your wedding, which you will purchase from your local bridal salon so, it is a win-win we think! If you are a bride, make sure you discuss the Borrow program with your local Bonny retailer!

2. How far in advance should you order your Bonny Bridal gown?
Our standard shipping time is approximately 4 months...or 16 weeks. We do offer a rush service (for an additional fee) but, we would love to have brides order their dress at least 6 months in advance of their wedding date. The reason for this is because our ship dates are not exact! We can not predict delays in getting the gowns from our factory, weather delays in shipping from Fed Ex and a host of other things that might delay your gown getting to you. We have never missed a wedding date but, there have been a couple of nail biters during our almost 30 years in business! We think that if you give yourself 6 months to order your gown you are ensuring yourself a stress-free experience! Your gown will come in, you will have time to match up all your pretty accessories to it and have enough time to alter it for a perfect fit. We realize that sometimes girls plan a wedding in less than 6 months (oh how do you do it???) so we do carry stock in our most popular gowns for immediate delivery and we offer our rush shipping time to accommodate you!

3. If you see a Bonny Bridal gown on a website that offers you a super, duper unbelievably low price that seems to good to be true...should you order it?
No! No! No! We can not tell you how many times we get emails from brides AFTER they have ordered their wedding gown from these knock-off sites and they are so upset about the quality of the gown or not getting a gown AT ALL! We hate getting these emails! Please, do not buy from sites that claim to sell our gowns when, in fact, they have just stolen our pictures, pasted them up on a site and have you think that you are getting the gown you see on their webpage. We give you a list of our AUTHORIZED retail locations on our website, we tell you where NOT TO BUY FROM on our Facebook page and we always encourage you to contact us first, if you have questions. It's always better to be safe than sorry! Shop local! This is your special day...and it only happens once! Don't let these sites fool you and ruin it. Visit your local Bonny retailer...soak up the experience of being a bride and make sure you get the gown you really want!

4. Do we sell other dresses...besides wedding gowns? Could your mom and maids find dresses made from Bonny Bridal? How about your little sister who is going to Prom?
We sure do! We love all the dresses we make and we hope to share them all with you! We have our Special Occasion collection that has affordable dresses for your maids and moms, we have our Quinceanera Collection and we have our popular Mystique prom collection. We even have a Pageant Collection called the Crown Collection

5. Name our FOUR bridal collections
We offer 4 distinct bridal collections. They all have their own unique features but, the one thing they all have in common is that they are affordable, gorgeous and all made with our brides in mind! We get a lot of feedback from our brides and our retail stores about what their brides are looking for and when we design our gowns we take all that feedback into account! We love hearing from you and we love making gowns that you love:

Essence - this is our Couture Collection. Within this collection you will find special, unique fabrics not used in our other collections. You will find different beads and the style has a European feel to it. 
Bonny Classic - this is the collection that started our company almost 30 years ago! We remain true to it's name: Classic - traditional bridal gowns with a modern flair. 
Unforgettable - our plus size collection that starts at size 16w. This collection is our award winning collection because we have paid special details to what our curvy customers need: we have enhanced the bust line, brought up the arm holes and paid special attention to designs that flatter the plus size figure!
Bliss - our collection of modest gowns. With Bliss you will not give up style just because you want or need a modest gown. Bliss gowns can be modified (neckline and sleeve changes) to fit your needs. Young, fresh with just the right amount of coverage...that is Bliss!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us - and what makes us unique. It's our brides, it's our retailers, it's what we are about...YOU! 

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