Friday, May 27, 2011

Red, White and Blue - Thank you!

Memorial Day is a time to remember the men and women that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  It is also a great time to say thank you to the veterans, active duty and reserve troops that continue to ensure our freedom and safety...take a moment this weekend to thank friends, neighbors, family or any military member you see! Freedom is not free. We appreciate everything that you do and we’re very proud of the great job that you have done and continue to do for us...THANK YOU!

Dresses in this set: style 7125, style 7106, style 7026 and style 7128

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paloma's Nest Giveaway from Bonny Bridal

We wanted to celebrate and welcome our new fans on Facebook so, we decided to do a giveaway! All of our friends and fans have so much fun - and we do have a great group of helpful brides - so if you haven't "liked" us yet, what are you waiting for? One of our favorite wedding vendors is Paloma's Nest - their Original Ring Bearer Bowl captured our attention from the beginning and still remains a top favorite of ours today! We have happily watched them expand their line and now they offer amazing gifts and keepsakes you will truly treasure - like your Bonny Bridal gown! :) 

Because each and every Bonny Bride brings something special to us we are giving back something special to you - the piece that changed modern wedding and ring ceremonies forever: The Original "To Have & To Hold" Ring Bearer Bowl.

How do you win this modern heirloom? Easy:
  • You must like our Fan page on Facebook - click here to "Like" us
  • Leave us a message on this post that you have liked us with your name

We will choose a winner for the Paloma's Nest ring bearer bowl on June 4th, 2011

Thank you....we love what we do, we love our brides and we look forward to doing everything we can to make your day the most amazing day of your life!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bonny Bridal Bingo - Let's Play!

We've been waiting to hit a milestone on our Bonny Bridal Fan Page over on Facebook! Today, we hit it: 1500 fans! Yahooo! Thank you all for joining us! We love interacting with our fans so to celebrate this milestone, we are going to play Bonny Bridal Bingo!! (we just made this game up so bear with us - ha!).

How to play:
1. Well, first you have to be a FAN on our Facebook page (and like us...duh right?!)
2. We are going to make a post on our Fan page that you need to respond to a specific question
3. Only ONE comment per person
4. We will play for a couple of hours (in case you are away from your computer!)
5. Today's bingo round will be: Respond to our post listing what your married name will be (or if you are already married list your new last name) and then name a word that has something to do with a wedding that starts with the first letter of your new name! 


  • Your new last name will be Smith. So on the Facebook post you put "Smith - Something Borrowed.
  • You're already married and your new last name is Brown so, you post: Brown - Bouquet
How to win: It's COMPLETELY random! We will pick 3 random winners when we close the bingo round (we will post something when we are getting ready to close the game). So, keep checking our page and BE CREATIVE!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dresses that flatter your body shape: Apple or Inverted Triangle

Today, we wanted to continue our discussion on body shapes and more importantly which dresses look best on your body shape! We started this series on the rectangular shape. If your body shape is an Apple, also referred to as an inverted triangle, you will have a larger torso and broad shoulders. You will have slimmer legs and hips in proportion to your upper body. Again, we would like to state that every body is different and while we are given these shapes as a guide, not every body will fit 100% within these guidelines. 

So, what dresses will work with an Apple shape? Scoop neckline or a V-neckline will work perfectly on this shape! These necklines make the torso appear longer and therefore slimmer! You should also try to find a dress with minimal details on the top (very little beading or lace detail). If you have a lot going on, on the top half of the dress, that is where the eye will automatically focus. 

This is style 1022 from the Unforgettable Collection. We like this dress for an apple shape. The V-neckline is perfect! The beaded detail has a criss-cross pattern which will give the waist line some definition and then the gown finishes off with a A-line skirt. 

Here are two Bliss styles (style 2722 on the left and style 2817 on the right) that would also work well with the apple body shape. Both have scoop necklines and also have shirred waist lines. These two styles are more narrow at the top and then have some flare toward the bottom - these dresses even out the body and give illusion of a balanced shape.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dresses that flatter your body shape: Column or Rectangular

We all come in different shapes and sizes. While many women will not fit 100% in one specific category, we have been given guidelines to follow for what looks best on which shape. We would like to touch on each shape individually. This may help you when you are flipping through magazines or printing off images online of dresses you like for your own wedding. Trying on dresses, for the first time, can be overwhelming! If you walk into a bridal store with the knowledge of what dresses will flatter your figure the most, you are one step ahead in the decision making process! 


In one study we read up about for this post, it said that most American women fit into the Column or Rectangular shape. This shape, if referring to a fruit, is called a Banana. The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or bust measurement. Body fat is distributed evenly, you waist is not well defined and your chest is small.  Column shapes should wear sheath, empire or ball gown silhouettes and fit and flare gowns will also flatter this figure:
The halter on accentuates the bust area and the embellished belt will make the waist stand out on Essence style 8906 
Style 124 from the Bonny Collection is perfect for the rectangle shape! The pleated knot overlay will enhance bust line and the corset back will define the waistline. 
Full ball gown skirt adds shape to the bottom half
This mermaid style gown, style 037 from the Bonny Collection is perfect for a rectangular shape! The asymmetrical cut fitted bodice will accentuate the bust and waist. The embellished flare will add a little fullness to the bottom half of the body. 

Las Vegas bridal inspiration: we are betting on love!

For Carli....thank you for your inspiration! 
We hope Vegas is a blast!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Fall 2011 Collection is HERE! Brand New Social Occasion Wear Dresses for all life's special moments!

Life is full of special occasions and those special occasions call for a special dress! We have a complete collection of special occasion gowns for your maids, moms or just for that night on the town! Special occasion dresses should be fun and always make you feel good when you put them on. We have amazing color options, luxurious fabrics and great prices! Our social occasion wear gowns are available in sizes 2 - 32. Get complete descriptions and color options are on our website at

Style 7127

Style 7128

Style 7129

Style 7130

Style 7132

Style 7134

Style 7136

Style 7137

Style 7138

Style 7139

Style 7140

Style 7142

Style 7144

Style 7148

Style 7149

Style 7151

Style 7152

Style 7153

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reception Dresses: Hot trend for brides who want two dresses

This season we are introducing 3 dresses that we have affectionately dubbed "reception dresses". We love the concept of having 2 wedding gowns; your formal church gown that you get married in and do your professional portraits in and then the party dress for your reception and casual photos. You only get to have your "Big Day" once in a lifetime so, live it up! These dresses have an amazing, affordable price tag so...go ahead be a 2-dress bride!

Style 7124 - MSRP $255.00
A strapless short dress with pleating wrapping around the empire waist to the beaded bow accent.The pleating continues asymmetrically down to the rolling floral rosettes adorning the hem. It comes with detachable spaghetti straps. As well as coming in the standard white and ivory, this gown also comes in the following colors: Olive, Chocolate, Black, Midnight, Purple/Green, Green/Purple, Lilac, Amber, Plum, Wine, Silver, Seafoam, Red, Holly Berry, Hot Pink, Aqua, Sapphire, Lavender Pink, Orange, Cranberry, Pewter, Magenta and Blush Pink

Style 7125 - MSRP $215.00
A one shoulder strap dress that is highlighted with embroidered beadwork. Pleating drapes from the shoulder down the fitted bodice into pins and tucks along the short length hem. As well as coming in the standard white and ivory, this gown also comes in the following colors: Olive, Chocolate, Black, Midnight, Purple/Green, Green/Purple, Lilac, Amber, Plum, Wine, Silver, Seafoam, Red, Holly Berry, Hot Pink, Aqua, Sapphire, Lavender Pink, Orange, Cranberry, Pewter, Magenta and Blush Pink

 Style 7124 - MSRP $255.00
A strapless dress with a ruffled edge trimming the neckline. Bands of pleating wrap around the dropped waist fitted bodice with rhinestone and beaded appliques adorning the side. The short skirt is made up of layering ruffles. As well as coming in the standard white and ivory, this gown also comes in the following colors: Olive, Chocolate, Black, Midnight, Purple/Green, Green/Purple, Lilac, Amber, Plum, Wine, Silver, Seafoam, Red, Holly Berry, Hot Pink, Aqua, Sapphire, Lavender Pink, Orange, Cranberry, Pewter, Magenta and Blush Pink

The Fall 2011 Collection is HERE! Brand New Wedding Gowns for Fall Weddings: Bliss Modest Collection

Our entire Fall 2011 Collection can now be seen on our website:! Every bride has her own style. Some wear modest wedding dresses because it is part of their religion or culture. Looking for a conservative gown doesn't mean you do not want to have a stylish gown! Take, for example, the recent Royal Wedding. Tradition states that the wedding gown worn must be modest it doesn't say it can't be MODERN! Conservative brides want style and elegance and that is what we call the perfect Bliss...

Style 2112

Style 2113

Style 2114

Style 2115

Style 2116

Style 2118 

Style 2119

Style 2121

 Style 2122