Friday, May 6, 2011

The Fall 2011 Collection is HERE! Brand New Wedding Gowns for Fall Weddings: Bonny Classic Collection

Our entire Fall 2011 Collection can now be seen on our website:! Back in 1983, when the company first started, we had one bridal gown line - the line bore the name of the company: Bonny. This collection has always been our signature collection. This collection is all about exceptionally made gowns at an affordable price. Over the years, we added different collections to our bridal division, pageant dresses, a prom line and social occasion dresses for maids and mom's but, the Bonny Classic collection remains today what the company was founded on: making breathtakingly beautiful gowns for every bride. It is  our pleasure, to present you with our Fall 2011 Bonny Classic Collection:

Style 121

Style 122

Style 123

Style 124

Style 125

Style 126

Style 127

Style 128

Style 129

Style 130

Style 131

 Style 132

Style 133

 Style 134

 Style 135

 Style 136

 Style 137

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