Friday, May 20, 2011

Dresses that flatter your body shape: Apple or Inverted Triangle

Today, we wanted to continue our discussion on body shapes and more importantly which dresses look best on your body shape! We started this series on the rectangular shape. If your body shape is an Apple, also referred to as an inverted triangle, you will have a larger torso and broad shoulders. You will have slimmer legs and hips in proportion to your upper body. Again, we would like to state that every body is different and while we are given these shapes as a guide, not every body will fit 100% within these guidelines. 

So, what dresses will work with an Apple shape? Scoop neckline or a V-neckline will work perfectly on this shape! These necklines make the torso appear longer and therefore slimmer! You should also try to find a dress with minimal details on the top (very little beading or lace detail). If you have a lot going on, on the top half of the dress, that is where the eye will automatically focus. 

This is style 1022 from the Unforgettable Collection. We like this dress for an apple shape. The V-neckline is perfect! The beaded detail has a criss-cross pattern which will give the waist line some definition and then the gown finishes off with a A-line skirt. 

Here are two Bliss styles (style 2722 on the left and style 2817 on the right) that would also work well with the apple body shape. Both have scoop necklines and also have shirred waist lines. These two styles are more narrow at the top and then have some flare toward the bottom - these dresses even out the body and give illusion of a balanced shape.

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