Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bridal Market Dates - For our retail partners!

Twice a year we hit the road to Bridal Markets held across the country. These markets are where our retail partners come to preview our new line, place their orders for their stores and it's also the time where we get "face time" - which we love!! We do not always get the opportunity to spend in-person time with our retail partners so, attending the bridal markets twice a year is always a special time.

We just wrapped up showing our Prom retailers our new Mystique 2013 Collection at the Atlanta Prom market, where we now have a new permanent showroom on the 12th floor! This season, our retailers can expect to see an amazing collection of dresses! We are so excited about our Spring 2013 collections! Our designers have really outdone themselves!

So, the next market will be Atlanta Bridal Market: VOW.

We are happy to attend this new market for retailers! And...it just so happens that the mixer taking place on Wednesday, the 19th of September at 5:30pm just happens to be on the 12th floor - where our showroon is! We hope to see all the retailers that will be attending - because you will NOT want to miss seeing our Spring 2013 Bridal Collections.

If you won't be making it to Atlanta's Bridal market, we hope to see you in:

Chicago - September 29 - October 2. We will be on the 7th floor, booth 1024
New York - October 13 - 15. We will be at Pier 94

Not attending market for Spring 2013? Well, our reps are out on the road! If you are a new store interested in our collections make sure you call our Customer Service department to get in touch with your rep: 800-528-0030 or if you already carry our collections and are excited to see Spring 2013 you can also contact us to get in touch with your rep - we know it's hard to reach them while they are on the road!