Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Through the Looking Glass - Alice inspired shoot with Nicole Benitez

We have some special pictures to share with you today! We teamed up with the incredible Nicole Benitez, a couture photographer in Southern California to bring you this lovely Alice inspired wedding shoot. This project had been in the making for months and months, born over margaritas and mexican food with Rebekah of A Blissful Nest. Nicole used several Bonny Bridal gowns for the shoot - let's take a look at Bonny Classic style 107

This Alice In Wonderland/Mad Hatter theme mixed bold colors: 
Turquoise, hot pink, yellow, and red!  

Style 107 has pleated and sculpted stand away bodice with sparkling beading peeking out from the strapless neckline. The pleats wrap around the asymmetrical fitted bodice to the lace-up corseted back. Looped embellishments at the side hip 
accentuate the gathered skirt and semi-cathedral train.

Event Styling and Planning: A Blissful Nest
Location: Private Residence
Dresses: Bonny Bridal
Headpieces: La Couture Amore
Hair and Makeup: Nicole Lennox and Brooke Lee

In her own words: I'm Nicole and I am a wedding photographer, but I am also so much more. I am a servant of God, a mother, a wife, a sister, a grand daughter, a friend, an artist and a story teller.

Being in love with love and in love with life has brought me to one of my life's greatest passions and every day I get to live my love and my passion through my work. I would be completely blessed if you chose to share your wedding day with me. I would be honored to be your friend, your artist, and your storyteller and help share your love story through my passion. oxox, *Nicole

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sample Sale | Wendy's Cincinnati Bride

Our retail partner, Wendy's Cincinnati Bride, is having an incredible Sample Sale now thru September 24, 2011. Sample Sales are a great opportunity to pick up a dress at an incredible price and Wendy's is generously offering 50% - 70% off select dresses! Stop by the store today to find a dress that won't break your budget! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Pink Bean Boutique | Redding, CA | Essence Fall 2011 Trunk Show

We would like to invite all our Northern California brides near Redding, CA to visit:

The Pink Bean Boutique
2295 Hilltop Dr., Suite 8
Redding, CA 96002

They will be hosting a trunk show on Sept 17, 18 and 19
11:30am - 5:30pm

This is a great opportunity to view our Essence Collection for Fall 2011!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Real Bride - Caroline - Style 8009

The wedding of Caroline and Ramsey took place on June 11, 2011 at the amazing Ch√Ęteau Vaudreuil just outside of Montreal, Canada. The bride and groom chose gorgeous accents of Royal Blue for the outdoor wedding - including the brides shoes!

Caroline, you looked stunning in your wedding gown! We are so blessed to get to see photos of our brides on the big day so, thank you for sharing! We wish you and husband a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations!

Wedding photos are by Kim Ing. Kim is a photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, who specializes in Wedding Photography and Lifestyle Portraiture and she captured all the special moments of the BIG DAY! To view more click here

After all there is something about a wedding gown prettier than in any other gown in the world - Douglas William Jerrold

 Caroline chose style 8009 from the Essence Collection as her wedding gown. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sneak Peek - Behind The Scenes Spring 2012

We know you love the sneak peeks - just snap shots of some dress but, this is going to get a little better! Take a walk with us, behind the's the models, getting ready, the lighting is being set and the camera is running - catching glimpses of the Spring 2012 Collection...Behind The Scene! PS: There is sound, so turn your speakers down if you want to! :) Enjoy the show....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On The Road Again - Calling all Bridal Stores

Willie Nelson On The Road Again Garden Stones

Our amazing sales team will be on the road again to show stores our Spring 2012 Collection! If you own a bridal store and you would like to see our new collection we would love to hear from you! We will be happy to pass on your contact information to the sales team who handles your area so they can make an appointment with you. Personal appointment times do fill up and each rep can only spend so much time in each location so, you know the saying, the sooner the better! We will also be showing our Prom Collection in Atlanta this month and all of our dress collections in Las Vegas and Chicago! 

If you are a bride and you have a favorite store you are working with and would love to see them carry our line of dresses - let us know! You are our eyes and ears out there and we love getting recommendations from our friends and fans!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Winery Wedding: Keyways Winery of Temecula

On a gorgeous, sunny Southern California day wedding photographer Ashley Bee set off for Keyways Winery in Temecula. She writes: "A tufted blue velvet couch and an empty garden. An ivory gown and shimmery golden heals. A pretty girl with a big dream. Every girl wants a love story, and hers was to be written." Thank you Ashley for these gorgeous pictures of style 112. We loved working with you on this shoot - and we look forward to seeing much more of your creative style in the future...just stunning!
Keyways Winery Wedding
Keyways Winery Wedding
Style 112 from the Bonny Classic Collection

This gorgeous headpiece was created by La Couture Amore

Keyways Winery Wedding
Ashley, "The bee", is a gentle soul with an amazing talent. She captures beauty and grace because it's what she is. Talk to her and you will see what we mean. She has a heart full of love and it enables her to capture it with a camera...a moment saved forever in a picture. Ashley shoots all over Southern California and, well, pretty much anywhere in the world! Have camera, will travel. Visit her website and blog to see more of her work and connect with will be happy you did (we sure are!)

Keyways Winery Wedding
Keyways Winery Wedding
Keyways Winery Wedding
Venue: Keyways Winery / Wedding Photographer: Ashley Bee Photography/ Wedding Dress: Bonny Bridal style 112 from the Bonny Classic Collection/ Headpiece: La Couture Amore

What is the Borrow a Bonny Program?

Let's say you have been checking out our website and found a dress you absolutely love! You find a local retail store using our Store Locator feature and call them to ask if they have the dress you found and you get a "No, sorry we do not have that style". What happens next? You think your search has to start over? NOPE! We have a program called Borrow a Bonny and this program was designed just to remedy this situation! Over 12 years ago we came up with this program to help our stores and our brides! At any given time, we have 300+ current styles in our collections! Of course, it would be our dream to have every one of our dresses in every single retail store but, it's just not possible!

So, how does this program work, you might be asking. Well, the first step is to know about this program - which is why we tell our brides and our stores about it. The next step is contacting us to find out what we have available in this style. We try to find your size and color and if we have it we ship it out to the store. If we do not have your specific color and size we still try to accommodate you - we can send the next closest size or we always have our sample dress available. Our sample sizes are size 6 or 8 in the regular dresses and size 16w in our Unforgettable Plus Size Collection.

There is a fee involved for using the Borrow a Bonny program. In the beginning, we always charged the stores a shipping and handling fee and often times the store would not charge the customer. They would order the dress, get it into their store and then never hear from the customer again! Some stores didn't want this to happen so, they stopped using the program and we didn't want that to happen! This is such a great program for our stores and brides! So, we figured the best way to deal with this was for the stores to charge the bride the shipping and handling - that way the bride had an investment - it showed she was A. a serious buyer and B. that she would come back to see the dress. This worked successfully and it has been the way the program has worked for the past 11 years!

Each store does decide how to use this program. Our suggestions are just guidelines. The Borrow program and the fee can vary from store to store so, we do suggest that you talk with your local Bonny Bridal retailer and ask questions! Because our research has shown this program to be an overwhelming success (most brides who see the dress in person love it even more!) we do suggest that our retail partners credit back the fee to the customer - as a gesture thanking them for their businesses. Also, there is always that slim chance that the dress is not the one! This is very rare, but, it has happened. We think it's nice that the bride still be able to have a store credit towards any other item in the store (or maybe to use to bring in another dress she loves!) Only 1 dress is shipped at a time using the Borrow program.

We hope this explains the Borrow a Bonny program in more detail! Like we said, this has been a program we have had a HUGE amount of success with for over 12 years! Most brides want to be able to see the dress before they buy - and we get that! We strive to make programs like this - to help you! We are always open to new ideas, too! If you think we can make this program better, please leave a comment below! Have you used this program? Leave a comment! Let others know your experience with it! We value all your comments and opinions!