Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Fall 2011 Collection is HERE! Brand New Wedding Gowns for Fall Weddings: Bliss Modest Collection

Our entire Fall 2011 Collection can now be seen on our website:! Every bride has her own style. Some wear modest wedding dresses because it is part of their religion or culture. Looking for a conservative gown doesn't mean you do not want to have a stylish gown! Take, for example, the recent Royal Wedding. Tradition states that the wedding gown worn must be modest it doesn't say it can't be MODERN! Conservative brides want style and elegance and that is what we call the perfect Bliss...

Style 2112

Style 2113

Style 2114

Style 2115

Style 2116

Style 2118 

Style 2119

Style 2121

 Style 2122

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