Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fan Appreciation Wedding Gown Giveaway - Winner

On March 19th, 2012 we announced the winner of our Fan Appreciation Wedding Gown Giveaway! The lucky winner was Stephanie D. from Illinois. Stephanie shared the following with us:

Matthew and I met on accident, someone we knew introduced us and we hit it off. I came into the situation making a new friend, he came in wondering if I was the one. He tells me to this day that he would have proposed to me on our second date if he knew it wouldn’t scare me away. Over the last 19 months he has become my best friend and I couldn’t imagine life without him. 

Matthew proposed to me on October 17, 2011 in the most romantic surprise I could have imagined. He hung a sign from the ceiling that he made saying all of the reasons he loved me, just below it there were a dozen red roses, I turned to him and he held open a necklace box with a necklace I had saw a few days earlier and wanted to buy, he placed the necklace on my neck and told me to look in the mirror to see if I liked how it looked, hanging there was my engagement ring. I started crying and screaming yes, yes, yes, not even giving him a second to actually propose. 

I am a full time student as well as having 3 part time jobs. I love to volunteer even though I am very busy, I am an aid for an after school program, I am a tutor for adult literacy, a “wish granter” for Make-A-Wish Foundation, a peer mentor, as well as other volunteer work I do. During any free time I have left, I love to paint ceramics and have been working on planning Matthew and my wedding. 

Matthew is in the Army National Guard and also works full time at his civilian job. He loves to read and has started painting ceramics with me. When he has time, he also volunteers with me. 

This fall we are moving because I will be transferring schools and starting my B.S. degree program in psychology. I chose Psychology because I want to help people, I wanted to be someone that people feel comfortable talking to as well as someone who can offer advice. 

Why we need this: We both work hard to serve others and to ensure other people are growing, safe, and happy. I want to be the beautiful bride Matthew deserves on our wedding day. Right now, with the cost of my schooling, normal household bills, recent medical bills, and soon to be moving cost we will never be able to afford the dress of my dreams.

So please Bonny Bridal help my January 26, 2013 wedding dreams become a reality.  
We had hundreds of entries on our Facebook Fan page and we want to thank everyone who  entered and shared their stories with us! We read all of your touching stories, your funny stories and we even got a few chuckles from GROOMS who entered to win the wedding gown of their choice to surprise their wives-to-be! We appreciate all of our fans...and we are so grateful to all of you for sharing your lives and loves with us! 

Stay tuned! Our stunning Fall 2012 Collection will be coming to a store near you soon...and we will have another wedding gown giveaway to celebrate the new collection until then...CONGRATS to Stephanie! We can't wait to see what gown she chooses for her January 26th wedding to Matthew!


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