Tuesday, October 25, 2011

San Francisco Brides - You could save $13k on your wedding!

If you live in San Francisco you can plan most of your wedding using items donated to Wish Upon a Wedding! It starts with your wedding at the Ralston Hall Mansion on a  Friday evening in June or July, 2012. Up to 200 guests can be invited to this gorgeous venue. 

Now that your location has been chosen, the date set, it's time to get more details checked off your list! You have found your perfect Bonny Bridal wedding gown for the big day.

Start your day by getting your hair and make up done.The Glamourist will come and get you and 4 other girls ready for the big day. 

San Francisco / Hair & Makeup for up to 5 people

You've met with some photogrpahers who will capture the images of the big day! Photos by Sabrina has a photojournalistic style...she tells a story, not in words but with pictures:

Sacramento / Wedding Day Photography

Jodie Fisher Photography also has a photojournalistic style,with a modern flair. Her wedding photography package also includes an engagement session. 

In addition to your photography you don't want to miss one minute of the action! So, you have decided its a good idea to hire a videography company. You have two to choose from: Newman Media or Cinematt. It's a big decision, just like any decision you will make for your wedding. The videographer will capture the moments you don't see - the guests arriving while you are tucked away, waiting to make your grand entrance, the wishes and thoughts from your guests, even your own thoughts of the big day...all moments that you will be able to look back on as the years go by and later share with your children.

Another important decision you will need to make for the big day is who will marry you? Do you have a favorite pastor or perhaps a special family friend? If not, you might think of looking to a professional officiant. Luminous Events will work with you to create the perfect ceremony for your big day and they will make your wedding official in front of all your friends and family.

So, let's get down to the cost of your wedding. Here is the break down of what your wedding day would cost you:

  • Wedding for 200 at the Ralston Mansion - 6500.00
  • Bonny Bridal Wedding Gown - 1600.00
  • Hair and Makeup for 5 people - 1750.00
  • Photography - 1600.00 (Photos by Sabrina) or 1500.00 (Jodie Fisher Photography)
  • Videography - 4000.00 (CineMatt) or 2500.00 (Newman Media)
  • Professional Officiant - 650.00
Your grand total would be about $16,100
(Depending on which professional you went with for the photography/videography). 

But, you have decided to Bid Your Wish For Wedded Bliss using the auctions available helping Wish Upon a Wedding

The amount you would pay for all of the above services (as of this posting) are:

  • Wedding for 200 at the Ralston Mansion - 1500.00
  • Bonny Bridal Wedding Gown - 320.00
  • Hair and Makeup for 5 people - 125.00
  • Photography - 149.00 (Photos by Sabrina) or 149.00 (Jodie Fisher Photography)
  • Videography - 270.00 (CineMatt) or 250.00 (Newman Media)
  • Professional Officiant - 49.00

Your grand total would be about $2413.00
(Depending on which professional you went with for the photography/videography). 

You could save a WHOPPING $13,687.00 from your wedding on just these few items. Of course, you will have other costs involved in your wedding (catering, bar service, flowers, cake, etc). But, your budget at this price for 200 guests is about $12.07 per person. WOW. It makes me want to get married again! 

I hope all brides - no matter where you are - will check out the auctions! You will get an incredible deal based on the generous donations from wedding vendors and you will be helping Wish Upon a Wedding with their mission: to grant wedding wishes to couples facing a terminal illness or other life altering circumstance.

Happy planning...and please let us know if you take advantage of these wedding deals! We would love to hear ALL about your wedding!

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