Monday, July 11, 2011

Wish Upon a Wedding - Lisa and Doug - Part 1

We have been waiting to share this story with all our friends and fans! We heard about Wish Upon a Wedding when they were first starting out and immediately knew that this was the charity we wanted to partner up with! We signed up as a "wish granter" for our local Southern California chapter. Lisa and Doug were the 2nd couple to be granted a wedding wish by our local chapter. Wish Upon a Wedding grants wedding wishes to couples who are facing life altering circumstances, including terminal illnesses. You can read more about Lisa and Doug's story here or learn more about Wish Upon a Wedding here
On April 19th we saw that WUW had granted their 2nd wish to Lisa Tso and Doug Wang. We immediately contacted them to see if Lisa needed a dress for the wedding, which was taking place on May 26th, to coincide with World MS Day.
We got our first email from Lisa on April 20th and she wrote, in part, "A wedding gown is probably the most important aspect of every girls wedding. We are so excited to be getting married and for you as my bridal consultant. Every gown on your website is stunning and beautiful." Lisa was going to come into our showroom on May 2nd to try on gowns. We had a few gowns for her to choose from:

034 White - This is a very elegant, popular style right now! Anything with flowers (this dress has small 3-dimensional flowers) is in style right now. The draped bust line is also very elegant and a classic button down back.

045 Ivory - A simple Halter gown with an overlapping pleated empire bodice and banded waist.

052 White - Chiffon is a very nice flowing fabric and wouldn't require the use of a full crinoline slip.

0101 White - The sheer illusion strap that leads into the back is very elegant!

0720 Antique - This gown is certainly made for a princess!! The color is very unique - it's Antique (kind of like a rum-pinkish).

2021 Ivory - This gown is from our Bliss collection. This is our modest collection, which means all the dresses have sleeves and a higher back and neckline that our other dresses.

We had asked Lisa to bring in heels similar to what she would be wearing on the day of the wedding - because she is petite and was definitely going to need a hem. Lisa was already a step ahead - she had already bought her shoes for the wedding! 

We tried on style 034 first and everyone agreed it looked "nice" but, there wasn't a feeling of "Yes! This is the one." Next, we tried style 720. I personally love wedding gowns in different colors and was happy that Lisa was willing to try this gown - even though it wasn't in the traditional white or ivory. This is when we had a "bridal moment". Lisa had on her wedding shoes - a cute heel that had a ruffle detail but, what made them unique was the beautiful color! When I pulled out style 720 to show her - the color of the dress was a PERFECT match to the shoes! We put the dress on her and immediately she knew, we all knew, it was THE ONE

In the next post, we will get to the wedding pictures and Lisa's own words about her experience on her wedding day!

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