Thursday, March 3, 2011

When Should I Order My Gown?

Weddings are full of timelines. What exactly is a timeline? It's basically a schedule. People should never lose sight of what the wedding is about, as a whole, but, to pull off this huge celebration, everything is broken down into timelines. And EVERYONE involved in a wedding has a timeline! How far out to book the church, which pastors are available, when do you start looking for a reception venue, when can all the people from out of state come, where are they going to stay, book a florist, plan the honeymoon (sheesh...right now sounds like we all need a break - right?) Oh no have to order THE gown! Oh, here we go. Our most asked question: When should I order my gown? Well, we are going to give you this answer! And, because you are on a timeline right now, we will try our best to be brief.... ha.ha.

You walk into a bridal salon, you try on the dress and everyone agrees "It's the one!" The sales lady says, "Great! Let's get that order placed today." You are asking yourself, "Why, we have so much time!" But do you? Typically, a special order gown (meaning, you are not getting a dress that 100 other brides tried on, that has been hanging in their store for months and months and hopefully hasn't been transported from store-to-store :::cough David's::::). Your special order gown typically would take 12 weeks (that's 3 months) to get from our factory to the store. The 12 week time period given to stores is an ESTIMATE! Because of other people's timeline things can go haywire too. See? Everyone has a timeline! So, let's just keep at our 12 week timeline - because the rush timeline is another post! Your gown could ship by air or by is traveling a long way to make it to you. It gets here and then it has to go through customs. Have you ever gone through customs? Well, then you understand THAT timeline. Once it is released from customs, it heads over to a trucking company that is going to deliver it to us, guessed it....their timeline! Now that it is in our's on our timeline. We already know what YOUR timeline is so we make sure it is inspected here, logged into our inventory and then packaged to head off to your store. Typically, it is going to go via ground method and just for fun and giggles we are going to say you live on the East Coast (because we are on the West). Have you ever driven cross country? Wait, let me rephrase that - have you ever driven cross country in a big truck going about 40 miles an hour hauling 1000's of pounds of packages? No? Me either. I am just assuming they can travel at about 40 miles an hour....I know they aren't going 75 mph! So, THEIR timeline is 7 - 10 days to get from our location to your store. Your beautiful dress arrives but she has to be unpacked, fluffed (poor thing has been scrunched in a box for a long time now!) and steamed out to perfection before you get to see her. Now, we are back to the stores timeline. If you have never steamed a dress ooohh booyyy. Let me tell you, it is HARD and takes a LONG time! Whew! Are you already exhausted? I am. But...we're not done!! Oh, no, no, no! Now your dress needs alterations for a perfect fit! Your FIRST FITTING will be to pin it and make it right just for you. Your SECOND FITTING will be able to make sure that everything from the first fitting was done (and is perfect) so hopefully your second fitting is your last fitting but, sometimes you may need a THIRD and FINAL fitting! Whew....ok seriously. COFFEE??
Now, times have changed a bit. I kept using the word "typically" when I talked about a 12 week process. That is no longer the case today. Global issues effect everyone - not just in our country - in ALL countries. There are many reasons for the change in timelines, honestly everyone's timeline has changed! Airlines started letting less packages on board (because of rising fuel costs), the ships were getting too much cargo from what the airlines were not taking and there are lot's of other reasons! Today, our ESTIMATED ship times from order date to store is more like 14 weeks but, to be honest we are comfortable with at least 16 weeks! There is still a rush service.

We hope that by creating this very important post you will understand now, why when you visit a salon and they tell you it's best to order's the truth! You should order AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You should give yourself the time to enjoy your dress, get your alterations, have fun trying on veils and jewels with her! Trust us, you will be thanking yourself later when you do not have to start stressing out wondering, "Where is my dress?!" If you plan ahead in your timeline, your dress will be here in plenty of time - safe and sound - breathing in her garment bag (all fluffed and pressed!) just waiting for you to slip in and walk down the aisle! :)

So, the moral of this long post? Just remember two things: Our most asked question: "When should I order my gown?" and our second most asked question: "Where is my dress?!" If you listen to our answer on the won't ever have to ask the second!! ;)

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