Thursday, March 24, 2011

For Your Mom

Silver is timeless at weddings. It pairs well with so many accent colors. We are inspired by the color (we even love our silver wedding style 020 and style 937). So, today, we wanted to show off one of our popular gowns for moms (or maids!). We have heard a lot of buzz about this neckline being really popular right now and it is pretty flattering! The 3/4 sleeve is pretty high up on wish lists as well. The gown centered around our inspiration is style 7029. It is a tip of the shoulder dress with pleated elbow length sleeves. Pleats drape across the bodice. The circular cut skirt has a soft flowing hem. The suggested retail price on this gown is $175.00

Complete this look with the shoes, earrings, bracelet and purse

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bkbsmommy said...

GREAT mom dress!! Wow.