Friday, August 6, 2010

Bonny Real Bride - Jami

We just heard from Jami - a real Bonny Bride who wore style 1900 from our Unforgettable Collection! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous picture Jami - and your awesome story! :) You looked beautiful!!

Jami wrote:
"I actually had a dress that I had planned to wear and was not planning on falling in love with my Bonny dress but it happened. We were in the middle of bridesmaid dress scouting when I asked to try on a few bridal gowns just so I could have the experience of being on the platform as the bride. My first dress was the dress I thought I wanted. It was a family members dress who had called off her wedding but never worn or sold her amazing dress. When I got engaged she offered and I accepted. Again so I had a beautiful dress at home but since it was a slow day in the bridal shop they agreed to let me have that experience and began to pull dresses for me. I tried on a few and was thinking that I had confirmation that the dress I had at home was the dress I was meant to wear...then I put on the Bonny 1900 and fell into a huge pile of tears. It was every emotion that I thought a bride should feel when they find the dress. It was my dream dress completely including the three quarter length sleeves the v-neckline and train that I sketched on a notepad when dreaming of my wedding day years prior but never thought I would find. The subtle sparkles the lace shirred waist and bridal buttons were a plus. It was perfect for my fall wedding in the mountains and I felt like the traditional bride that I had always wanted to be."

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