Thursday, June 17, 2010

Borrow A Bonny Program

I get a lot of emails from brides looking for specific dresses carried in stores near them. I wanted to let everyone know we have a program called Borrow a Bonny. This program includes ALL of our collections (not just bridal!). This program was started many years ago - a way to help brides and our stores! The basics of the program are: If a store near you does not have the dress you are looking for in stock - and we do - we will send the dress to the store for you to see and try on! Usually, there is a small fee involved with this service that covers the shipping and handling to the store and back to us. We ask our brides to talk with their local stores to find out their exact policy on the borrow program! Some stores will refund you the fee if you place a special order for the dress you love! If you have any specific questions about the program you can always email us or talk to your local store! This is a great program that allows you to see and try on the dress before you buy!

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Anonymous said...

do you still offer this program? I am looking through all of the posts.. because I am a hige Bonny fan.. and I am planning a Jan 2012 wedding.. I have my eye on a dress.. and I would loveeeeeeeee to try it on.. can you please e mail a response to

thank you..