Thursday, May 13, 2010

Real Brides - Holly

This is Holly...our newest Bonny Bride! She just got married, April 2010. She wore style 749 in Pink. Congratulations to you and your new hubby, Holly! We are so happy for you - your wedding was beautiful!!

Here is Holly in her own words....

"I am infatuated with PINK! I even have a pink motorcycle that I race and I wear a pink leather suit :-) So I went to a bridal show before my wedding but already bought and had sent back for another size a pink dress. Well at the bridal show I noticed the Bonny 749 in PINK! I fell in love! When the other dress came back in the smaller size and I tried it on all I could think about was the Bonny!!! I called up the boutique and she came to my house that night with it in a size 6. It fit perfect even though when she measured me I measured up to a size 8! It was absolutely stunning & PINK :-) Thank you Bonny for creating such a beautiful dress that was perfect for my wedding day!!! In the pic the dress was bustled up."

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