Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's all about the Mom: Social Occasion Gowns for the Big Day

It's been a busy wedding season over in Bonny Bridal land! We had a crazy month but, I am excited to get back to taking care of our blog and recapping the amazing things that have been going on since our last let's jump right into it!

Mother's Day turned into Mother's Week! Bonny Bridal has a wonderful selection of gowns for the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom in our Social Occasion Collection. One trend we have noticed is that more moms are opting for tea length gowns. Our gowns are designed to be altered and changing any floor length gown to a tea length is just a simple alteration. Style 7030 is probably one of our most popular styles - and has been for years! 

This tea length, Chiffon gown comes in 17 colors and has a suggested starting retail price of $159.00. This gown is popular with both moms and maids.
Style 7137 is also a top choice among moms. One thing to make this gown stand out is that it is available in 25 colors! This gown has a simple, straight edge hem (that easy alteration we talked about) and has a suggested starting retail price of $285.00. The back of this gown and the flutter sleeve are for sure points that make it a most-loved style.
There are so many gowns that are our customers top favorites! We would suggest that moms try on these gowns - you would be surprised how flattering they are. It's hard to pick our favorites for mom - there are so many that we love and get such positive feedback from. Here are a few that we would say are "Must Try":

As with all of our gowns we do have the option of using our Borrow a Bonny program - which will allow your local retail store to bring in any gown for you to see and try on if they do not already have it. Also, we need to mention the lead time - moms tend to wait till the last minute to order! Don't put it off! It takes about 4 months to special order your gown (3 months on a rush service for an additional fee). Special Occasion gowns, like bridal gowns, will usually need alterations for a perfect fit so, while your daughter, or soon-to-be daughter in law, is trying on gowns take a peek around to see what the store has to offer you. 

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