Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Fun, Flirty Fifties: Weddings that have a little vintage and lots of glam!

We are still in love with the 50's Vintage Hollywood Glam wedding shoot we did - and of course the $1250 giveaway wedding package is off the hook awesome - right? When we were doing some research for the shoot, I found an inspiration blog - and I am hooked! I love the 50's! Charlie and Selma (a mum and daughter team) write the Fifties Blog and they each do it in a way that oozes glamour, elegance and style! 

Check it out for some inspiration, tips and definite fun! We know you will become a daily us! Oh...but, only after you enter our Vintage Hollywood Glam Giveaway!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for having a Giveaway! I have like all the Facebook Links!