Monday, September 12, 2011

Real Bride - Velvet

I have been looking forward to sharing this story with everyone! This real bride story just reminds me of how small the world really is and is a testimony of that saying "Everything happens for a reason". Meet Velvet and Alex, married on July 3, 2011:

Last year, around this time, Wish Upon a Wedding (the national charity we support) had launched their yearly auction "Bid Your Wish For Wedded Bliss". This auction ties in with their annual fundraising event called The Blissful Wishes BallCouples planning to be married can bid for wedding-related auction items online, with all proceeds benefiting Wish Upon a Wedding. 

Wish Upon a Wedding is the world's first nonprofit wish granting organization providing weddings and vow renewals and for couples facing terminal illness and serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation.

On November 30th, 2010 the huge, online auction was coming to an end. We had donated a wedding gown, of the brides choice, to the auction so we were watching to see how it was going! Excitement was building and then, finally, the auction closed. The winner was already a "friend" on Facebook so, I checked our her profile to see where she was from - and she was a Southern California bride! Have you ever noticed on Facebook when you visit a profile that their "Friends List" pops up random people on the left hand side of the page? Well, when I went to Velvet's page the first friend on her list was...are you ready for this?! Someone I knew and had been friends with for over 20 years!!! I actually did a double take! It turns out that this friend and Velvet actually work together and she had told Velvet about our company (knowing I worked there) and Velvet saw our posts about getting a dress from the auction! Such a small world...right? Since Velvet was local to us, we were able to meet her and show her the dresses in person. She chose Unforgettable style 1700 in White - which also happens to be one of my favorite dresses in our collection.

Congratulations to both of you! Velvet: it was awesome to get to know you! You are a terrific photographer, a gorgeous bride and a super nice woman! Alex is a lucky man...but, we already know that he knows that! Best wishes to both of you!

Velvet chose Unforgettable style 1700 in White as her wedding gown. Wish Upon a Wedding's 2011 auction, Bid Your Wish For Wedded Bliss, will open on September 15, 2011. We hope that you will bid on wedding items you will use - including your choice of any Bonny Bridal wedding gown! The auction will be open until October 31, 2011. Your bid - for items you will need for your wedding anyway - will help grant wedding wishes to couples. 

All professional photos from Velvet and Alex's wedding were taken by Harvest Moon Photography. They are based in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. 

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Velvet said...

Bonny is awesome!! Thank you! And 1700 is such a wonderful dress. It was easy to bustle (3 points, under bustle) and wasn't so heavy that I felt weighed down. Love it!!