Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bonny Bridal Bingo - We're Playing Now!

We've got our 1st 30 players (well, actually 31 since the last two entries came in at the same time!) Our players for this round are:

Dee K.
Illona S.
Kristin H.
Steph S.
Nedra D.
Christine D. 
Brenda P.
Danielle W.
Rachel S.
Katie J.
Kellianne C. 
Jena P. 
Audrey B.
Felicia R.
Kristin R.
Leslie F.
Nicole C.
Jenny B.
Gini T. 
Koreena R.
Cathi Lee N. ‎
Tosha W.
Danielle D.
Samantha G.
Lacey R.
Francine L.
Octavia W. 
Heather L.
Ana P. 
Katie G.
Jenny G.

If you were not one of the 1st people to respond - don't worry! We love playing Bonny Bridal Bingo - and we always play at random times! Stay tuned to our Fan page to be ready for the next round!

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