Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WED: The magazine

We had the lucky honor of getting an email from Kelly, the creator and editor behind WED: The Magazine. It's a new virtual magazine (sure is convenient!). WED is everything Weddings. It's the Carbon-Neutral and Socially Connected magazine that marry's style with function!  WED brings an amazing new twist to the traditional wedding publication. For more info and to check out THE VERY FIRST issue visit:www.WedTheMagazine.com

WED The Magazine

The first issue has an awesome article about Sylvia Weinstock. Oh yeah, THAT Sylvia! She is the most amazing cake decorator on the planet. The other cool thing about this magazine is that it's hooked into WEDTown....the town where brides come together to discuss weddings and/or things in the magazine. We really believed in this HUGE project Kelly was doing and we became an advertising sponsor! We hope that you will join us and become a reader!! We will see you on the town....

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