Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolate + Cupid = Love

'Tis the season of chocolates and roses! But, we have a different chocolate on our mind today! Chocolate is a rich, decadent color for weddings! We were reminded of this by one of our brides who emailed us wanting more information about our Social Occasion wear style 7117.
This dress has a three-quarter sleeve with a V-neckline created by crossover pleating (accents the bust nicely, don't you think?). A beaded satin band wraps around the empire waist. The fit and flare silhouette of the skirt has a soft flowing hem.

We wanted to pair this Social Occasion wear gown with one of our bridal gowns that is also featured with a chocolate accent, style 1913 from our Unforgettable collection:

Here are some amazing chocolate flowers you can use for your wedding:

Top left: Dahlia Burgundy Black Flower, Top right: Chocolate Cosmos Flower, Bottom left: Chocolate Cosmos Bouquet from Solomon Bloemen, Bottom right: Chocolate Sunflowers

Surprise! The Chocolate Cosmo flower actually SMELLS LIKE chocolate! Yum!

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